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Marketing & Communications

Thousands of companies are shouting daily for customers’ attention. Get your message heard by the right customers in the right communication channels with our marketing services.

By combining text, pictures, and video through ePublications, you’ll create a marketing experience that is engaging, interactive and provides your customers with the information you need them to know!

ePublications are a great way to tell your story in a more substantive and comprehensive way. The marketing team at Americas Business Solution can help you with all types of ePublications, including:

  • White papers
  • Case studies
  • Brochures
  • Newsletters
  • eBooks

When a customer is looking to make a major purchase, ePublications like white papers and case studies have a major impact on their decision-making. To learn more about what interactive media can do for your company, contact the marketing professionals at Americas Business Solution today.

Common Questions

  • What are ePublications?

ePublications communicate key messages to audiences in a substantive, interactive way. Ranging from white papers to newsletters, publishing your material online will help your targets better understand your company, as well as the services it provides.

  • How will ePublications help my business?

ePublications are your chance to provide context and substantive information about the products, services and expertise your organization offers. Through the use of text, video, pictures and more, you’ll create a dynamic and interactive experience for your viewers.

  • Why choose Americas Business Solution?

When you work with Americas Business Solution, we’ll guide you through the entire process of creating unique and engaging ePublications. Our team will work closely with you on the navigation and layout of your publications, copywriting and content, linking, multimedia content, hosting and more.

Related Services

  • Print
    • Brochures/collateral
    • Create digital equivalents of sales and marketing collateral to cater to a wider variety of viewers
    • Newsletters/manuals/catalogs
    • Create a digital version of existing publications that can be easily distributed and reprinted, on-demand, for customers and prospects
    • Training manuals
    • Create professionally printed manuals, online content and CD/DVD study materials
  • Digital
    • Websites
    • Add high value content to a website to enhance the user experience and share information in the form of white papers and case studies
    • Social media
    • Add high value content to your social media pages and share with followers
    • Email marketing

Embed links to hosted ePublications that lead your customer and prospects to additional online media where they can obtain value-added content

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